Connect an external monitor to your laptop

Set up an external monitor

To set up an external monitor with your laptop, connect the monitor to your laptop. If your system doesn't recognize it immediately, or you would like to adjust the settings:

  1. Click the icon at the very right of the menu bar and select Displays… to open the Displays Settings.

  2. Click on the image of the monitor you would like to activate or deactivate, then switch it ON/OFF.

  3. By default, the launcher only shows on the primary monitor. To change which monitor is "primary", change the monitor in the Launcher Placement drop-down box. You could also drag the launcher in the preview to the monitor you want to set as the "primary" monitor.

    If you want the launcher to show on all monitors, change Launcher Placement to All Displays.

  4. To change the "position" of a monitor, click on it and drag it to the desired position.

    If you would like both monitors to display the same content, check the Mirror displays box.

  5. When you are happy with your settings, click Apply and then click Keep This Configuration.

  6. To close the Displays Settings click on the x in the top corner.

Sticky Edges

A typical problem with dual monitors is that it's easy for the mouse pointer to "slip" to the other monitor when you don't want it to. Unity's Sticky Edges feature helps with that problem by requiring you to push a little bit harder to move the mouse pointer from one monitor to the other.

You can switch Sticky Edges off if you don't like this feature.