Manage apps & settings with indicator status menus

Ubuntu has several different indicator status menus on the right side of the menu bar. The status menus are a convenient place where you can check and modify the state of your computer and applications. Some status menus you will see are:

  • Messaging menu Message icon

    Easily launch and receive incoming notifications from messaging applications including email, social networking, and Internet chat.

  • Battery menu Battery icon

    Check your laptop battery's charging status. This menu is hidden if a battery isn't detected.

  • Bluetooth menu Bluetooth icon

    Send or receive files by Bluetooth. This menu is hidden if a supported Bluetooth device isn't detected.

  • Network menu Offline network icon

    Connect to wired, wireless, mobile, and VPN networks.

  • Sound menu Volume icon

    Set the volume, configure sound settings, and control media players like Rhythmbox.

  • Clock

    Access the current time and date.

  • User menu User offline icon

    Change your password, language settings or login picture. Quickly switch between user accounts without logging out.

  • System menu Power cog icon

    Access system settings. Lock screen, log out, suspend, restart or shutdown your computer.

Some of the icons used by the indicator menus change according to the status of the application.

Other programs such as Tomboy or Transmission can also add indicator menus to the panel.