Simulate a right mouse click

You can right-click by holding down the left mouse button. This is useful if you find it difficult to move your fingers individually on one hand, or if your pointing device only has a single button.

  1. Click your name on the top bar and select System Settings.

  2. Open Universal Access and select the Pointing and Clicking tab.

  3. Switch Simulated Secondary Click on.

You can change how long you must hold down the left mouse button before it is registered as a right click. On the Pointing and Clicking tab, change the Acceptance delay under Simulated Secondary Click.

To right-click with simulated secondary click, hold down the left mouse button where you would normally right-click, then release. The pointer fills with blue as you hold down the left mouse button. Once it is entirely blue, release the mouse button to right-click.

Some special pointers, such as the resize pointers, do not change colors. You can still use simulated secondary click as normal, even if you don't get visual feedback from the pointer.

If you use Mouse Keys, this also allows you to right-click by holding down the 5 key on your keypad.

In the Activities overview, you are always able to long-press to right-click, even with this feature disabled. Long-press works slightly differently in the overview: You do not have to release the button to right-click.