Show other timezones

If you want to know what time it is in different cities around the world, you can add additional timezones to the clock menu. These additional cities will show up below the calendar when you click on the clock.

  1. Click on the clock and select Time & Date Settings.

  2. Switch to the Clock tab and select Time in other locations.

  3. Click Choose locations.

  4. Click + to add a location.

  5. Fill in the Location blank with the city name you want to add. Wait a moment for a list of possible cities to show up in the drop-down list.

  6. Select the city you want and the current time in that location will fill in automatically.

  7. Click - to delete a city from the list.

  8. You can also drag and drop the cities in this Locations window to change the order in which they will show up in the clock menu.