Search for files

You can search for files based on their name or file type directly within the file manager. You can even save common searches, and they will appear as special folders in your home folder.


  1. Open the file manager

  2. If you know the files you want are under a particular folder, go to that folder.

  3. Click Search in the toolbar, or press Ctrl +F.

  4. Type a word or words that you know appear in the file name and press enter. For example, if you name all your invoices with the word "Invoice", type invoice. Press Enter. Words are matched regardless of case.

  5. You can narrow your results by location and file type. Click the + button to set more search criteria.

    • Select Location from the drop-down list to narrow the search results by a starting parent location.

    • Select File Type from the drop-down list to narrow the search results based on file type.

    Click the - button next to any search option to remove that option and widen the search results.

  6. You can open, copy, delete, or otherwise work with your files from the search results, just as you would from any folder in the file manager.

  7. Click Search in the toolbar again to exit the search and return to the folder.

If you perform certain searches often, you can save them to access them quickly.

Save a search

  1. Start a search as above.

  2. When you're happy with the search parameters, click File ▸ Save Search As.

  3. Give the search a name and click Save. If you like, select a different folder to save the search in. When you view that folder, you will see your saved search as an orange folder icon with a magnifying glass on it.

To remove the search file when you are done with it, simply delete the search as you would any other file. When you delete a saved search, it does not delete the files that the search matched.