Share and transfer files

You can easily share files with your contacts or transfer them to external devices or network shares directly from the file manager.

  1. Open the file manager.

  2. Locate the file you want to transfer.

  3. Right-click the file and select Send To.

  4. The Send To window will appear. Choose where you want to send the file and click Send. See the list of destinations below for more information.

You can send multiple files at once. Select multiple files by holding down Ctrl, then right-click any selected file. You can have the files automatically compressed into a zip or tar archive.


  • To email the file, select Email and enter the recipient's email address.

  • To send the file to an instant messaging contact, select Instant Message, then select contact from the drop-down list. Your instant messaging application may need to be started for this to work.

  • To write the file to a CD or DVD, select CD/DVD Creator. See Write files to a CD or DVD to learn more.

  • To transfer the file to a Bluetooth device, select Bluetooth (OBEX Push) and select the device to send the file to. You will only see devices you have already paired with. See Bluetooth for more information.

  • To copy a file to an external device like a USB flash drive, or to upload it to a server you've connected to, select Removable disks and shares, then select the device or server you want to copy the file to.