Change date and measurement formats

You can control the formats that are used for dates, times, numbers, currency, and measurement to match the local customs of your region.

  1. Click the icon at the very right of the menu bar and select System Settings.

  2. Open Language Support and select the Regional Formats tab.

  3. Select the region that most closely matches the formats you'd like to use. By default, the list only shows regions that use the language set on the Language tab.

  4. You have to log out and back in for these changes to take effect. Click the icon at the very right of the menu bar and select Log Out to log out.

After you've selected a region, the area below the list shows various examples of how dates and other values are shown. Although not shown in the examples, your region also controls the starting day of the week in calendars.

Change the system formats

When you change your region for formats, you only change it for your account after you log in. You can also change the system formats, the formats used in places like the login screen.

  1. Change your formats, as described above.

  2. Click Apply System-Wide.

  3. Administrative privileges are required. Enter your password, or the password for the requested administrator account.

You can find more detailed guidance on languages and regional formats in Language Support Help.