Log out, power off, switch users

When you've finished using your computer, you can turn it off, suspend it (to save power), or leave it powered on and log out.

Log out or switch users

To let other users use your computer, you can either log out, or leave yourself logged in and just switch users. If you switch users, all of your applications will continue running, and everything will be where you left it when you log back in.

To log out or switch users, click the system menu at the very right of the menu bar and select the appropriate option.

Lock the screen

If you're leaving your computer for a short time, you should lock your screen to prevent other people from accessing your files or running applications. When you return, simply enter your password to log back in. If you don't lock your screen, it will lock automatically after a certain amount of time.

To lock your screen, click the system menu in the menu bar and select Lock Screen.

When your screen is locked, other users can log in to their own accounts by clicking Switch User on the password screen. You can switch back to your desktop when they are finished.


To save power, suspend your computer when you aren't using it. If you use a laptop, Ubuntu suspends your computer automatically when you close the lid. This saves your state to your computer's memory and powers off most of the computer's functions. A very small amount of power is still used during suspend.

To suspend your computer manually, click the system menu in the menu bar and select Suspend.

Power off or restart

If you want to power off your computer entirely, or do a full restart, click the system menu and select Shut Down.

If there are other users logged in, you may not be allowed to power off or restart the computer, because this will end their sessions. If you are an administrative user, you may be asked for your password to power off.