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Alternate ISOs

Alternate ISOs are for low-RAM PCs. Computers with less than 700 MB of RAM are considered low-RAM computers. Instructions are here. Please check your download with md5sum.

Please take time to read the Release Notes.

18.04 LTS Standard PC

Get Lubuntu Get Lubuntu

32-bit version, suitable for almost all PCs.
Choose this if unsure.

Get Lubuntu Get Lubuntu

64 bit version for Intel, AMD and 64 Bit Mac computers. Most PCs older than about 2007 are not 64-bit compatible, so you may need a 32-bit ISO instead of a 64-bit ISO

The last alternate ISO was produced in April 2018 for 18.04. It does not include any updated packages, thus will require many more updates be applied post-install when compared to an install using Lubuntu 18.04.5 media for example. The GA (general) kernel is also used, though HWE or hardware-enablement kernel can still be added post-install.

Alternate ISOs were not produced for subsequent releases (ie. 18.10 and up).

Other images and download locations

All images of the latest Lubuntu version for different PC architectures are available on the download overview page.

CD image

The alternate image is too large to fit on a CD, if you need either full language support or can only boot from a CD, please use the server ISO. When prompted as to what to install unmark everything (space bar) except basic server and press tab to get to OK. Once installed, login and then do:

sudo apt install lubuntu-desktop

to add in the lubuntu system. (You can also ask for lubuntu-core if you want the very cut back version of lubuntu. This is discussed further at Minimal Install).

Please note this page applies to Lubuntu 18.04 LTS only (or prior releases)

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