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Alternate ISOs are for low-RAM PCs. Computers with less than 700 MB of RAM are considered low-RAM computers. Here is a screenshot of the alternate installer. Instructions are here. Please check your download with md5sum

Please take time to read the Release Notes.

Standard PC

Get Lubuntu Get Lubuntu

32-bit version, suitable for almost all PCs.
Choose this if unsure.

Get Lubuntu Get Lubuntu

64 bit version for Intel or AMD computers. Most PCs older than about 2007 are not 64-bit compatible, so you may need a 32-bit ISO instead of a 64-bit ISO

Mac systems (LTS only)

Get Lubuntu Get Lubuntu

PowerPC version. For Apple Macintosh G3, G4, and G5, including iBooks, PowerBooks and IBM OpenPower.

Other images and download locations

All images of the latest Lubuntu version for different PC architectures are available on the download overview page.

Older chipsets (CPUs)

Previous releases are here.

Installing with graphical interface on low-RAM systems

On the 'Desktop ISO', the graphical installer Ubiquity requires about 700-750 MB of RAM to run. This requirement does not include the RAM required to run the LiveCD (200 MB). So running the graphical installer by using the option 'Try Lubuntu' in the installer requires more RAM than selecting it from the boot menu.

Types of installation

* Desktop (Graphical Installer) - These versions are suitable for PC's with over 700 MB of RAM. Do not try to install 64 bit on a 32 bit machine. Installing 32 bit onto 64 bit is safe.

* Alternate: a non-graphical installer image used for computers with less than 4.3GB hard disk space and below 700MB RAM. Use the alternate versions for non-standard setups.

* Minimal install: Using the minimal ISO, it is possible to install and run lubuntu-core on a PC with only 64 MB of RAM. 128 MB of RAM are considered the minimal requirements for a usable Lubuntu Desktop system. Even with 128 MB, you may find that Chromium needs more resources than your computer has. Whilst it is the leanest 'main-stream' browser, there is a minimal browser called xombrero. It is not available from the Ubuntu Universe repository'

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