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11.04 Minimal Disk Space

Ubiquity (The installer programme for all the Ubuntu family) requires a lot more disk space to install Lubuntu than Lubuntu needs to run. A community install has been created that will install on 2.7GB of hard disk space. You will still have a 'full' Lubuntu, this install simply keeps Ubiquity from eating a chunk out of your hard drive whilst installing.

  • NOTE: Even though the change made was very small, this is an unofficial test ISO. If it somehow breaks your PC, eats your cat, elopes with your girlfriend, or otherwise misbehaves, neither I nor Lubuntu will accept any liability for that :)

Where to get it from

This version is available as a torrent or iso. Secondary iso servers are iso and iso.

The all important md5 checksum is 1493bb4315fbdbd34fcb2ac4af17d4c0

As this is a community release hosted on volunteer servers, please only down-load if you need it.

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