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Editing menu entries

Unfortunately Lubuntu does not provide a graphical way of editing the menu, so this has to be done "by hand". The process is very easy however, and all you need to do is to create a .desktop file. These files are normally placed in:


User specific entries are placed in:


Here is an example called matlab.desktop:

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Matlab R2010b
Comment=The Language of Technical Computing
Exec=matlab -desktop
  • [Desktop Entry] - Indicates that this file is a .desktop file.

  • Encoding=UTF-8 - UTF-8 encoding is used.

  • Type=Application - Desktop file is starting an application.

  • Name=Matlab - Displayed name in the menu.

  • GenericName=Matlab R2010b - Description of the entry.

  • Comment=The Language of Technical Computing - Comment will be displayed when hovering above entry.

  • Exec=matlab -desktop - Path of binary (with flag) that will executed.

  • Icon=/usr/local/MATLAB/R2010b/matlab_icon.png - Path to icon to be used.

  • Terminal=false - The program will not run in a terminal.

  • StartupNotify=false - Startup notification is turned off.

  • Categories=Development - Specifies the categories in which the entry will be placed in the menu. Several categories are specified with a semicolon between them, e.g. Development;Education , a list of standard categories can be seen here.

Note: You may have to log out or restart LXPanel for changes to take effect.

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