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Keep Lubuntu up-to-date

This applies only to 10.04 which we are pledged to support until 2014 for the i586 chipsets. From 10.10 onwards the updates will arrive automatically and you will simply be prompted to install them

There are two methods of keeping your lubuntu installation up to date.

Method 1. Use Synaptic Package Manager.

  1. Select System --> Synaptic Package Manager (you will be asked for your password).

  2. Click 'Reload'.
  3. Click 'Mark All Upgrades'.
  4. If the 'Apply' tick turns green, click it to install the updates and click on the 'Install' button in the window that opens.
  5. Close Synaptic Package Manager.

Method 2. Install and use Update Manager.

  1. Select System --> Synapatic Package Manager (you will be asked for your password).

  2. Click on the 'V' arrow to the right on the search bar, then onto the 'magnifying glass' (search).
  3. Type in update-manager and click on the 'search' button.
  4. Click on the little square to the left of the line that ends "GNOME application that manages apt updates" and select 'Mark for Installation'.
  5. Click on the tick above 'Apply'.
  6. Click on button 'Apply' in the window that opens.
  7. Close Synaptic Package Manager.

Once installed, to use Update Manager,

  1. Select System --> Update Manager, click on 'Check' (you will be asked for your password).

  2. If the 'Install Updates' button becomes available click it, if it does not there are no new updates at this time.
  3. Close Update Manager.

Lubuntu Specific Updates

To make sure you keep your Lubuntu up to date with all the latest developments in Lubuntu you will need to add a PPA to receive the updates (for information about what a PPA is see this link). All the details for adding the Lubuntu PPA can be found here. Please note that this PPA is not fully stable, and may break something.
To help recover from any issues, knowing how to manage PPA's is really helpful.
An extra PPA is due to be added for pcmanfm2 in the near future.

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