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Welcome To Lubuntu, the official LXDE Ubuntu derivative.

Ubuntu is a free operating system supported by the Ubuntu community. Ubuntu was founded on the priciple of humanity, or kindness. With the dedication of hundreds of Ubuntu volunteers, can we give away a quality computing system. New versions of Lubuntu software are released every six months, and millions of people use Ubuntu distributions daily, for nearly a decade.

Ubuntu is the premiere Debian GNU/ Linux operating system. By including Debian, We have the biggest online community, the biggest user-base, and the biggest software repositories. Lubuntu features a full suite of software on the CD, and includes an "App Store" for automatically installing zillions more applications.

Lubuntu and Ubuntu belong to the same family and share the same kernel and method of software installation. Because Lubuntu is based on Ubuntu (based on Debian Linux), nearly all Ubuntu applications will run on Lubuntu. (excepting applications that require the Gnome system tray) Naturally Lubuntu shares the same installer, drivers, and package management system. The main difference is the configuration of the desktop. Therefore, we use the same forum and wiki. Here is a introduction to installing software on Ubuntu.

The differences between Lubuntu and Ubuntu are:

Many, but not all, Windows® applications will run well on Lubuntu through WINE, or you can dual boot both Windows® and Lubuntu. You can try Lubuntu without modifying your PC by downloading the LiveCD! Booting the LiveCD lets you ensure Ubuntu is compatible with your graphics, sound and networking hardware. Unfortunately, hardware compatibility can change with a new Linux kernel.


At the login screen, you can choose Lubuntu, which gives you an LXDE session. LXDE is a lightweight GTK+ based desktop environment. Being lightweight and having fewer features means Lubuntu (when using the LXDE session) can run on computers with less RAM. Simplicity gives speed so that laptops running Lubuntu last longer on battery power. Visit the Download page for more information on minimum requirements, and downloads for Macintosh.

LXDE uses GNOME's GTK+ toolkit to create windows. Despite what you've heard, you won't have to find special LXDE applications for Lubuntu. Installing KDE-based apps is very easy, but might automatically install other KDE services and libraries that run when you start Lubuntu.

--- Thank you so much for choosing and using Lubuntu. Because of YOU, Lubuntu has reached where it's right now. Because of YOU, Lubuntu will continue dazzling everyone.

Learn more about Lubuntu at the Lubuntu Website or the Wikipedia entry

As always, we're waiting for any feedback or questions you may have. Please leave feedback on Facebook or on our mailing list.

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