On September 15th, 2011, amjjawad has created a unique source of information at Ubuntu Forums to help Lubuntu Users, from new comers to average users and even expert ones.


Lubuntu One Stop Thread (AKA LOST) has been a massive help and assist to everyone. The shocking fact that LOST was never finished. It was just getting started to grow bigger and bigger but so much happened and the growing process has stopped. LOST made it to the Wiki Area - Please see this page. Despite that fact, LOST was a huge hit and success. Users until now are using it and go back to it as a one stop reference.

After all that time, I have decided to reinstate the project and write version 2 Smile :)

This should be even better and much more helpful.


The idea of having one stop place is great. Specially for new users, it would be much easier to give them one link rather than 5 links at once or even more, sometimes.

LOST, as a concept could be used as a one stop bookmark. An online updated bookmark for almost everything a user may need. All what he/she needs to do is just visit LOST and browse/navigate the contents to find what is needed.

And now, LOST as a content is on the Wiki but NOT as a concept or idea. Hence, I have decided to go for version 2 which should have both the contents and the idea Smile :)

LOST version 2 will be the home page of Lubuntu Wiki Area. That is the plan. Rather than that, it won't help much. In other word, the idea is everyone must see it first before see anything else. Having it somewhere between the links and you need to do many clicks just to find it is actually defeating the whole idea of having one stop place. It must be very visible.

Information Section

Where to find Lubuntu? This section will have all important links on the internet to find Lubuntu.

Lubuntu on the internet

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