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1. What are text files?

A text file is a plain document that contains no formatting whatsoever. It is important for saving configurations in a computer, where the computer does not care about italics, paragraph spacing, page breaks, margins, and so forth.

The process will give you careful instructions for any text file that needs to be created or modified.

2. How to edit a text file

In Windows, you edit text files with Notepad or any editor downloaded from the Internet.

In Linux, there are several different ways to edit a text file. The way that this document describes uses a text editor called gedit, but if you have a different preferred editor, you are welcome to use it.

  • If you are using a distribution other than Ubuntu, replace gedit with that distribution's editor. Lubuntu, which is recommended for low-specification computers, uses leafpad.

The way described here to open the editor is not the normal way, but is instead designed specifically for these instructions. Use this method with these instructions, but not for day-to-day use (assuming that you use a plain text editor).

2.1. Edit a text file

To edit a text file with special permissions for these instructions, you need to call gedit with the name of the file.

As an example, one of the files that this method asks you to edit is /etc/fstab. The way to edit the file is like this.

  1. Press Alt+F2. You will be given a prompt.

  2. Type the following code into the prompt.

    • sudo -H gedit /etc/fstab

  • The word sudo tells the computer to use administrative powers.

  • The option -H protects the home folder from certain problems.

  • The word gedit tells the computer to open the gedit text editor. If you use Lubuntu, replace this with leafpad.

  • The file name tells gedit to open the file /etc/fstab (or to create it if it doesn't already exist).

Another example is a file called /lib/cryptsetup/scripts/ To create or edit it, you would go through the same process:

  1. Press Alt+F2. You will be given a prompt.

  2. Type the following code into the prompt.

    sudo -H gedit /lib/cryptsetup/scripts/

  • You will be able to cut-and-paste, so don't worry about having to type these long commands.
  • Don't worry about trying to remember the details, as the instructions will explicitly remind you each time.

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