1. Known Bugs

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1. Known Bugs

As at April 2017:

You should always keep a spare Live USB (or Live DVD) for when one of these bugs should occur.

The following bugs are known at the time of writing.

  • Whenever Ubuntu updates the kernel, Grub remains out of date. This can leave you still booting into the older kernel (without any warning) or unable to boot at all.

    Therefore, whenever the kernel is updated, or the software updater asks you to restart the computer, please follow the instructions under Refresh Grub After Updates.

  • If dual-booting with another system, e.g. Windows, and that system performs a significant (not necessarily large) update, or you install Windows from scratch, it might break Grub. If this should happen, use your Live USB (or Live DVD) and follow the Troubleshooting guide.

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