Office Suite is a sophisticated office suite that stands comparison with other suites.

It has all the components you might expect from an effective suite, including Word Processor, Spreadsheet and Presentation applications, but also encourages the use of open document formats, so that you aren't tied to one particular office suite when you come to upgrade your system.

If you like, you might consider using LibreOffice, which is the new default office suite in Ubuntu. Most developers have moved to LibreOffice in order to speed up the pace of development and innovation.

Key Features

  • High degree of compatibility with Microsoft Office
  • Cross-platform (also runs on Windows and Mac OS X)
  • Many professional features, including Mail Merge and PDF output




  • was part of the default Ubuntu installation, but this has been replaced by LibreOffice since Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty).

Hints and Tips

Other applications you may wish to look at

  • Gnome Office
  • KOffice
  • Abiword Word Processor
  • Gnumeric Spreadsheet

Further Reading

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