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Powerware 5110 UPS monitoring/auto shutdown in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise

NOTE: I take no responsibility if you stuff something up doing this. So long as you have a moderate grasp of Ubuntu/Linux and editing configuration files - then this guide will be very straightforward. Make sure you read carefully and take things slowly. I'm going to skip the small talk - you can read over that here (where I stole the commands from): http://blog.shadypixel.com/monitorin...-ubuntu-linux/That out of the way - here's everything you need to do to get your Powerware 5110 UPS up and running/able to be monitored in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid.

Note: Updated this guide to read for Ubuntu 12.04 as I just tested it and it works fine!

  • Also note that if you are dual booting with Windows7 or Windows Vista, I believe there is some kind of driver bug whereby your PC may shut down upon Windows startup with the 5110 plugged in via USB. There is however a firmware update available from Eaton- or if you recently bought the UPS you should be OK (check the USB F/W version on the side of it, so long as it is higher than 0.5 you should be fine). Now, onto the guide...


sudo apt-get install nut

Editing ups.conf

gksudo gedit /etc/nut/ups.conf

Add and save.

 driver = bcmxcp_usb
 port = auto 

gksudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/99_nut-serialups.rules

Add and save.

 KERNEL=="ttyS0", GROUP="nut"


$ sudo udevadm control --reload-rules
$ sudo udevadm trigger
$ sudo upsdrvctl start

This should output...

 Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller 2.4.3
 Network UPS Tools - BCMXCP UPS driver 0.23 (2.4.3)
 USB communication subdriver 0.18

Further .conf file editing.

gksudo gedit /etc/nut/upsd.conf

Add and save.

 ACL all
 ACL localhost
 ACCEPT localhost

gksudo gedit /etc/nut/upsd.users

Add and save.

 password = __YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE__
 allowfrom = localhost
 upsmon master

gksudo gedit /etc/nut/upsmon.conf

Add and save.

 MONITOR Powerware5110@localhost 1 local_mon __YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE__ master
 POWERDOWNFLAG /etc/killpower
 SHUTDOWNCMD "/sbin/shutdown -h now"

Chown and chmod

sudo chown root:nut /etc/nut/*
sudo chmod 640 /etc/nut/*

Final .conf edit and Start

gksudo gedit /etc/default/nut

Add and save.


gksudo gedit /etc/nut/nut.conf

Add and save.


Start nut

sudo /etc/init.d/nut start

sudo upsc Powerware5110

Should show the following

 ambient.temperature.high: 1
 battery.charge.low: 22
 battery.voltage: 26.9
 device.mfr: Eaton
 device.model: POWERWARE UPS 1500i
 device.type: ups
 driver.name: bcmxcp_usb
 driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
 driver.parameter.port: auto
 driver.version: 2.4.3
 driver.version.internal: 0.23
 input.frequency: 49.9
 input.frequency.high: 55
 input.frequency.low: 45
 input.frequency.nominal: 50
 input.transfer.boost.high: 216
 input.transfer.high: 280
 input.transfer.low: 186
 input.transfer.trim.low: 260
 input.voltage: 238
 input.voltage.nominal: 240
 output.current: 0.7
 output.current.nominal: 3.8
 output.frequency: 49.9
 output.phases: 1
 output.voltage: 238
 output.voltage.nominal: 240
 ups.beeper.status: enabled
 ups.firmware: Cont:00.50 Inve:01.50
 ups.load: 18.4
 ups.mfr: Eaton
 ups.model: POWERWARE UPS 1500i
 ups.power.nominal: 1500
 ups.status: OL

Monitoring your UPS from now on.

  • Simply run the last command:

sudo upsc Powerware5110

Which will net you the output with all your UPS information. Do with that what you will - feed it into some PHP page with SQL and run LAMP so you can have a live monitor/log of the UPS statistics, output it to a text file, feed it into conky, whatever! This is Linux - your skills are the limit limit

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