Computers with Ubuntu preinstalled

You can find lots of hardware suppliers here who sell machines with Ubuntu preinstalled -

How can I find out if my hardware is supported?

First, try the live DVD

To find out if your hardware is supported there are numerous ways to do it. The first thing to do, if you haven't installed Ubuntu Studio yet, is simply download the Ubuntu Studio live image, boot it, and see how things go. Since most drivers are already included with the live image you will most likely not need to install anything to find out. Instructions for how to boot the live image can be found here.

Note that you will often need to properly configure your software to have your device running properly. For audio devices, have a look at Introduction to audio

Network Devices

Most common network devices work out of the box on any Ubuntu flavor. Below are link(s) to pages with more information about network devices.

WifiDocs - Community maintained Ubuntu wiki section about wifi

Audio Devices


Generally, most pci cards are well supported. To see a list of supported devices see


To see a list of pci-e cards supported, see


Most stereo devices will work out of the box (unlike multichannel devices), but often not with settings above 48kHz/16bits. This is due to most devices not following the 2.0 usb class definition, while most devices still adhere to the usb 1.1 class definition. With usb1.1 the performance is much more limited, and therefore the number of channels, as well as the samplerate and bits range are limited. A few devices stand out, by either having device specific firmware available, or being usb 2.0 class compliant.

Note that the devices below do not make a complete list of fully supported usb devices by any way.

Well supported:

Supported, but may not work well at lower latencies:


Currently, a select number of devices are well supported for pro audio, using the firewire driver with jack. To see the list of supported devices, checkout

Graphic Cards

Most graphic cards have very good support out of the box. Upon installing Ubuntu Studio, if the default driver is not good enough for your needs, you will have the option to install a non-free proprietary driver, if such are available.

Other Sources of Info

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