Add an account

Adding an account will link one of your online accounts with your Ubuntu desktop. Thus, your email, chat, and other related applications will be set up for you.

  1. Click the system menu Power cog icon and select System Settings.

  2. Select Online Accounts.

  3. Select an account type from the right-hand pane.

  4. A small web user interface will open where you can enter your online account credentials. For example, if you are setting up a Google account, enter your Google username and password and sign in.

  5. If you entered your credentials correctly, you have to tell your online service to allow Ubuntu access to your online account. Select Allow to continue.

  6. Ubuntu needs permission to access your online account. Select Grant access to continue.

  7. Now you can select the applications you want linked to your online account. For example, if you want to use an account for chat, but do not want the calendar, turn the calendar option off.

After you have added an account, each application you have selected will automatically use those credentials when accessing the online account.

For security reasons, Ubuntu will not store your password on your computer. Instead, it stores a token that is provided by the online service. If you want to fully revoke the link between your desktop and the online account, remove it.