About GNOME on Ubuntu

Ubuntu Desktop comes installed with a slightly modified version of the GNOME Desktop Environment. Generally, this desktop guide will make references to GNOME as it is published by GNOME's developers. Here is a list of the notable differences between GNOME on Ubuntu and "Vanilla" GNOME.

  • Ubuntu comes with Firefox instead of the GNOME Web browser.

  • Ubuntu comes with the Remmina remote desktop client instead of GNOME Connections.

  • The AppIndicators extension is included. This extension will enable icons in the top right corner of some applications.

  • The Ubuntu Dock extension is included. This extension provides the left sidebar for running applications.

  • The Desktop Icons NG extension is included. This extension enables the use of icons on the desktop.

  • In addition to Ubuntu desktop wallpapers, the default theme is Yaru and the default font is Ubuntu.

  • Minimize and maximize buttons are included on window title bars.