Wireless network troubleshooter

This is a step-by-step troubleshooting guide to help you identify and fix wireless problems. If you cannot connect to a wireless network for some reason, try following the instructions here.

We will proceed through the following steps to get your computer connected to the internet:

  • Performing an initial check

  • Gathering information about your hardware

  • Checking your hardware

  • Attempting to create a connection to your wireless router

  • Performing a check of your modem and router

To get started, click on the Next link at the top right of the page. This link, and others like it on following pages, will take you through each step in the guide.

Using the command line

Some of the instructions in this guide ask you to type commands into the command line (Terminal). You can find the Terminal application in the Activities overview.

If you are not familiar with using a command line, don’t worry — this guide will direct you at each step. All you need to remember is that commands are case-sensitive (so you must type them exactly as they appear here), and to press Enter after typing each command to run it.