Install languages

When you install Ubuntu, the language you select at installation gets installed together with English, but you can add further languages.

  1. Open the Activities overview and start typing Region & Language.

  2. Click on Region & Language to open the panel.

  3. Click the Manage Installed Languages button to open Language Support.

  4. Click Install / Remove Languages.... The Installed Languages window lists all the available languages, with the currently installed languages checked.

  5. Check the languages you want to install, and uncheck those currently installed languages you want to remove.

  6. Click Apply Changes.

  7. Administrative privileges are required. Enter your password, or the password for the requested administrator account.

In addition to the translations used to display menus and messages, with a new language may follow various language support components such as dictionaries for spell checking, fonts and input methods.

Some translations may be incomplete, and certain applications may not support your language at all.