The aim of this page is to consolidate the various AMD64-related pages in one place in the hope that it is useful for fellow AMD64 users. For the differences between 32 bit and 64 bit, please see 32bit_and_64bit.

Firefox and Plug-ins

Installing 32 bit Firefox and 32 bit binary plugins into your Ubuntu AMD64 bit installation can now be accomplished without the complexity of establishing a 32 bit chroot environment. This guide includes details on installing the popular multimedia plug-ins including Flash, Realplayer, Java 1.6, MPlayer and the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in.

See AMD64/FirefoxAndPlugins.

Multimedia and Codecs

W64codecs - W32codecs Replacement Package

NOTE: w64codecs only contains a handful of realplayer codecs and does not fully replace w32codecs. If you need to play a format only supported by w32codecs, you will need to install w32codecs to /usr/lib32 and use a 32-bit version of mplayer (or an alternate method for running 32-bit apps, such as a chroot or virtualbox).


To compile Cinelerra for video editing see AMD64/Cinelerra


For a guide on how to install VMWare Server on AMD64 please see VMware/Server/AMD64.

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