This page contains guidelines and help on how to contribute to the documentation in this wiki.


This website is free for all to edit, and contributing is easy. You need a Launchpad account for the website (see /Registration for details), and it is recommended that you read through this guide before contributing.

When should you contribute? Whenever you see something that could be improved or updated!


If you haven't contributed to the wiki before, these are the best pages to start with.

  • /PageCreation - Guidance on creating pages on this wiki

  • /WritingGuide - Writing style and conventions that are encouraged on the wiki

  • DocumentationTemplate - Recommended page structure

  • SandboxPages - Info on creating sandbox pages to test wiki pages

  • Tags - Tags are used to label pages as requiring attention from Wiki Editors

  • Categories - A list of categories pages can be listed under

Wiki Markup

This website is a wiki, and therefore uses wiki markup to define how text should be displayed, to make links to other pages and websites, and to add images to pages. Wiki markup is really easy to learn.

  • Formatting - Help on getting started with wiki markup.

  • Wiki Icons - describes availability & use of icons in the Ubuntu wiki

This should be enough to get started, but as you get more comfortable with the wiki as and want to try more advanced features, have a look at the "Advanced Reference" section below.

Further Guidance

Once you are familiar with the basics, it is worth familiarising yourself with the following pages.

Getting Involved

The Ubuntu wiki is maintained by the Ubuntu documentation team (i.e. there's no distinct Ubuntu wiki team).

See the Ubuntu Documentation Team Wiki page for further information.

Advanced Reference

If you use the wiki on a regular basis, you will want to check out the following pages which give more detail about how to use advanced features of the wiki and provide useful functions.

  • HelpForUsers - Basic landing page for advanced information about the wiki

  • HelpOnActions - Learn all about the options available in the drop-down box when editing

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