APTonCD is a application used to create a local repository in a DVD or CD disk.This is a handy tool for those who are not having internet connection to install or those who cannot download packages repeatedly.This is used to create a backup of all installed packages in your system.


To install APTtonCD type this in terminal.

sudo apt-get install aptoncd

To run APTonCD type this in terminal

sudo aptoncd

Or go to

System --> Administration --> APTonCD

Creating A Local Repository

1. STEP 1:

In the first screen select CREATE

This will open a screen with a list of installed packages.

1. STEP 2:

[NOTE: If you don't want to add any more packages you can go to step 3:]

If you want to add any more packages from any folder, you can click on ADD-->Folder button and select required folder.

1. STEP 3:

Select the disk type as your size of data.


Click Apply.

Insert a blank disk and Select cd burner and burn the image.

Thus A local repository is created.

Using Local Repository

Now you can use this local repository to install required packages.

1. STEP 1:

First insert the disk and add it to repositories in synaptic by following gide.

  • Open synaptic and go to Tools --> Repository


In that select ADD-CD-ROM at the right bottom.

Assuring that you had inserted the disk click

  • OK and CLOSE.

Refresh the repository list by clicking on RELOAD

Now you can install all your packages in Disk using synaptic


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