This page shows how to mount a Netware filesystem and create symbolic links to it on the User Desktop.

What is Needed

ncpfs - a set of utilities to use resources from NetWare servers.

ipx (utilities to configure the kernel ipx interface) might also be needed.

Mount Netware Filesystem

Firstly we need to make the folder to mount the filesystem to.

  • sudo mkdir /mnt/company_fs
    sudo chown -R <UbuntuUserName>:<UbuntuGroupName> /mnt/company_fs

Then we mount the filesystem (run as the Ubuntu user you want to have access, not root):

  • ncpmount -A <NetwareServerDNSName> -S <NetwareServerName> -U <NetwareUserName> -P <NetwarePassword> /mnt/company_fs

To make sure that the filesystem is automatically mounted at startup, we need to add the following line to /etc/rc.local

  • ncpmount -A <NetwareServerDNSName> -S <NetwareServerName> -U <NetwareUserName> -P <NetwarePassword> -u <UbuntuUserID> -g <UbuntuGroupID> -c <UbuntuUserName> /mnt/company_fs

Creating Symbolic Links

Create a symbolic (never a hard) link to the mounted netware filesystem and place it in a folder on the user desktop.

  • ln -s /mnt/company_fs /home/<UbuntuUserName>/Desktop/CompanyNetwork/company_fs

Now, most Companies have a lot of shared drives in Windows, ex P: S: X: etc., that are normally used for say Apps, Users etc.

If required these shares must be made with symbolic links as only one mount to a filesystem can be make at a time.

  • ln -s /mnt/company_fs/FolderToShare /home/<UbuntuUserName>/Desktop/CompanyNetwork/ShareDriveName

Netware Password Change

Most Windows Netware Clients needs to change their passwords every x days.

So to make it easy to update your passwords in Ubuntu use this script after changing your Windows Netware Password.

  • #
    # Script to change netware mounts and restart cups after a 
    # windows/netware password change
    ncpumount -a
    gedit /etc/cups/printers.conf
    echo 'Restarting the CUPS service...'
    /etc/init.d/cupsys restart
    gedit /etc/rc.d/rc.local
    echo 'Running rc.local script to configure IPX Netware mounts...'

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