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Acrobat Reader is no longer available in supported versions of Ubuntu.

Privacy Alert

Since at least Acrobat Reader version 7, it has been identified that Reader contains the ability for certain PDF files to inform a central database that they have been read. This by no means affects all PDF files, and will not be a problem at all for users who do not mind this ability. This "phoning home" can be prevented by disabling JavaScript in Edit -> Preferences -> JavaScript. For more on this, please see http://lwn.net/Articles/129729.

Installing in Lucid through Raring from a Ubuntu supported repository

One may utilize the Canonical Partner repository and install Adobe Reader 9 via the acroread package. It includes the standalone reader as well as the browser plugin.

For asian users, you might need asian font packs. Go to Adobe's website and download the add-ons you need, then extract them into /opt. You will be able to read the asian language documents correctly.

Enabling Read Out Loud

Adobe Reader has the ability to read text from PDF files out loud to the user. To enable Read Out Loud in Ubuntu please install the libgnome-speech7 package then run at the Terminal:

sudo /var/lib/dpkg/info/acroread.postinst configure 

Open the desired PDF file and click View -> Read Out Loud -> Activate Read Out loud -> View -> Read Out Loud and then choose either Read This Page Only or Read to End of Document. Read Out Loud preferences are found by clicking Edit -> Preferences -> Reading.

Known issues

Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 not available in Trusty/Saucy repositories

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