The SADMS package allows for automated joining to Active Directory through a GUI interface. This page will describe how to install/troubleshoot using SADMS to join a Ubuntu machine to Active Directory.

Acquire the SADMS Ubuntu package

Download the SADMS package from sourceforge

Current Ubuntu package as of this writing: sadms-install-ubu-2.0.11.tar.gz


  • Read the tutorials from the SADMS site first, under the External Docs section.

  • Extract Package
  • check that nsswitch is correct. Shadow should not reference winbind. Shadow passwords will be retrieved through the pam implementation of winbind.
    • file: /etc/nsswitch.conf
    passwd:         compat winbind
    group:          compat winbind
    shadow:         compat
  • Install Winbind dependency, then run the START script from the directory you extracted the SADMS archive to:
    sudo apt-get install winbind
    sudo ./START
  • Detect your Domain settings, fill in the missing information and Install.
  • When you install samba's winbind to Pam, unselect the Pam_mount module as it doesn't seem to install properly through sadms in version 2.0.11, it causes graphical sudo authentications to fail.


kdesudo and gksudo failing

The pam module refers to a config file located in /etc/security - pam_mount.conf. pam_mount.conf appears to be configured incorrectly and causing kdesudo and gksudo to break. One must either decipher pam_mount.conf or disable pam from mounting shares at login.


comment out this line

auth required


No Logon Servers This is caused by a problem with name resolution of the logon server.

The name service cache daemon (nscd) can interfere with winbind, as winbind maintains its own cache. Remove it.

sudo apt-get remove nscd

External Docs

install tutorial from SADMS site

install-PAM tutorial from SADMS site

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