Terminology commonly used in offline package management:

  • Local machine : the offline ubuntu computer
  • Remote machine: another computer with broadband Internet connection, used to dowload the packages
  • Removable media: USB keydrive where store the scripts and dowloaded packages. Note that the disc should be formated with a filesystem that can handle long file names such as ext2/ext3, fat32 or vfat.


GUIs other than Synaptic

Keryx is a portable, cross-platform package manager for APT-based (Ubuntu, Debian) systems. It provides a graphical interface for gathering updates, packages, and dependencies for offline computers. Keryx is free and open source. You can get Keryx here: http://keryxproject.org/

Command line

It distinguishes the "suites" (backport, multimedia, volatile, stable, testing), and allow you to mix the suites. So if you installed package A from a suite, it will search the updates only on such suite.

Offline repository

How to create a local package repository.


wget is a computer program that implements simple and powerful content retrieval of files from internet servers


wget -O file

With this -O option, the documents will not be written to the appropriate files, but all will be concatenated together and written to file.

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