How to type Arabic in Ubuntu

Ubuntu has the support for typing in many languages, but for now, let's use Arabic as an example.

A simple method to type in Arabic is to add a keyboard indicator to any of your panels, Then using this tool, you can easily click it to switch languages of your choice.

Adding the keyboard indicator

If you don't already have the keyboard indicator, just follow those steps to add it:

  • Right click on any of your panels.
  • Click on "add to panel".
  • In the utilities group, you will find '"Keyboard indicator"', Select it then click on add.

Adding languages to the keyboard indicator

You will probably need to switch languages easily, by setting your keyboard indicator, you can switch languages by just clicking it. follow those steps to add languages to it:

  • Right click on the keyboard indicator.
  • Click on "Keyboard preferences".
  • Click on the "Layouts" tab.
  • Add your languages (Arabic).
  • Click on close when you're done!.

Using it

After getting your indicator running and configured, experiment the following:

  • Run your favorite editor
  • Start typing in some text
  • Left click on your keyboard indicator
  • Observe the language has changed
  • Type in again and you'll notice language has changed into the languages you have chosen!

Switching Between Layouts

To make layout switching by keyboard shortcut you used to use, like Alt+Shift, experiment the following:

  • Go to System -> Preferences -> Keyboard.

  • Choose Layout Tab.
  • Click on Layout Options Button.
  • Click on Keys(s) to Change Layout.
  • Choose Your favorite shortcut.
  • Close all open windows.

And you are done, now try your new switching shortcut.

Kubuntu/KDE instructions

Open System Settings

Click on 'Regional & Language'.

Click on Keyboard Layout.

In the Layout tab check 'Enable keyboard layouts', 'Show country flag' and 'Show Indicator for single layout'.

In Available layouts click on Arabic and then click on the above right green arrow to put Arabic into Active layouts.

Click on Apply and close the System Setting window.

An indicator will appear on the panel in the system tray.

Left click on the indicator to switch between keyboard layouts.

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