ARES Commander is a CAD package developed by Graebert.

Graebert enterprises have sold CAD systems since 1983, developed CAD engine software since 1994 (FelixCAD, PowerCAD, PowerCAD CE), and at 2010 ARES Commander is the first professional CAD solution to run across Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS and Linux, providing the ability to seamlessly exchange files across all three supported OS platforms. It's one of the first CAD packages which runs natively on Linux.

ARES Commander read and writes the DWG file format made popular by Autodesk AutoCAD software.

ARES Commander supports application development through Lisp, C/C++, and the DRX API

ARES Commander it's a professional and commercial CAD software.


  1. Download ARES Commander for Linux from (free trial version requires no registration)

  2. Double click the downloaded file (.DEB) and follow instructions.

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