This page is about mounting SD cards after suspend on an Aspire One (8gb SSD) running Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10). The issue may affect other machines/versions.

Instructions for installing 8.10 on the Aspire One are here: AspireOne110L.

SD card doesn't mount after suspend

On resuming after suspend I found my SD card (in the Aspire One's lh slot) wouldn't remount - generated a warning message about not having the necessary permissions to mount the card.

The default fstb setting sets permissions for the card to 'root' - it appears that after suspend the system is trying to mount the card as 'user'.

This is what the card's line in fstab looked like before I edited it:

UUID=DB59-1105  /media/AXIOM2   vfat    defaults,utf8,umask=0   0       2

Setting ownership to 'user' in fstab means the drive will mount after suspend. (You'll see the term 'defaults' in the SD card's line in fstab; change this to 'user'.)

You can read/edit the fstab file like this:

sudo gedit /etc/fstab

(Keep a commented-out copy of the line you are playing with...)

Multiple copies of an SD card mount

The drive will now mount after suspend, but a new copy of the drive mounts each time you resume from suspend; resulting in a long list of duplicated SD cards in the file browser.

There is a bug report re behaviour similar to this.

I tried to fix that with an unmount script in /etc/acpi/suspend.d, but I'm not convinced that runs; it didn't fix the problem.

Setting fstab to reference the drive by /dev/mmcblk3p1 (rather than UUID) appears to fix things - a single copy of the drive now mounts after suspend.

My line for the SD card in fstab now looks like this:

/dev/mmcblk3p1  /media/AXIOM2   vfat    user,uid=1000,gid=100,utf8,umask=0      0       2

(Drive Manager alerts to 'new partitions detected' on start-up and offers to manage it, which I assume will rewrite the UUID into fstab, resulting in multiple mounts again).

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