This is a brief explanation of some of the more popular Linux audio applications found in Ubuntu. The software's Ubuntu package name is listed in brackets behind the software's name. To install one of these from the list, run:

  • sudo apt-get install package_name

A large collection of audio applications have been bundled into the UbuntuStudio packages, and can be installed on any Ubuntu system with the command sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-audio ubuntustudio-audio-plugins

Audio Editors

  • Rezound (rezound) A fully featured audio editor, complete with an easy to comprehend interface. Website

  • Snd (snd) An extremely powerful and infinetly configurable audio editor. Website

DJ Software

  • Mixxx (mixxx) Mixing software for audio files. Website

  • TerminatorX (terminatorx) A realtime audio synth that allows one to "scratch" audio files. Website

Multi-Track Editors

  • Ardour (ardour3) Multitrack audio recording for linux. Website

  • Audacity (audacity) A very popular and easy to use audio editor with multi-track capabilities. Website


  • Denemo (denemo) A GTK frontend for Lilypond

  • Lilypond (lilypond)

  • NoteEdit (noteedit) Website

Plugin Libraries

  • LADSPA (ladspa-sdk) Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API Website

  • blop (blop) Bandlimited wavetable-based oscillator plugins for ladspa hosts.

  • caps (caps) Collection of refined ladspa plugins.

  • cmt (cmt) Computer music toolkit collection of various ladspa plugins Website

  • fil (fil-plugins) Parametric equalizer ladspa plugin

  • mcp (mcp-plugins) Ladspa plugins designed for Alsa Modular Synth

  • omins (omins) Collection of ladspa plugins geared at modular synthesizers Website

  • swh (swh-plugins) Large collection of ladspa plugins by Steve Harris Website

  • tap (tap-plugins) Large collection of ladspa plugins by Tom Szilagyi Website

  • vcf (vcf-plugins) Audio EQ biquad filter ladspa plugins Website

Programming Languages

  • CSound (csound) A non-realtime programming language for traditional composition with "instruments". Website

  • Pure Data (puredata) A graphical object-based programming language for midi, audio, and video manipulation. Website

Routing & Sound Servers

  • JACK (jackd) Website

  • QjackCtl (qjackctl) A GUI for controlling the JACK audio daemon. Website


  • LinuxSampler (linuxsampler)

  • Specimen (specimen)


  • Hydrogen (hydrogen) Website A drum machine and sequencer.

  • Muse (muse) Website

  • Rosegarden (rosegarden4) A full-featured MIDI sequencer and notation editor with a similar style to Cubase. Website

  • Seq24 (seq24) A light-weight, fast loop-based MIDI sequencer. Closest software equivalent to hardware sequencers like the Yamaha RM1x and the Roland MC series. Website

Synthesis Apps

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