Online banking in Belgium is the subject of this page. It is the source document for translations to Dutch and French. If you make a significant modification to this page, please add a warning on top of the Dutch translation and the French adaptation.

List of banks in Belgium

Perfectly working out of the box

Probably working, but untested

Known not to be working

  • Axa: see

    • Axa, please fix your Microsoft Internet Explorer application. Make it a web application!
    • UPDATE: Axa updated its online banking application, to make it compatible with Firefox on Windows and Mac. Linux is not officially supported, but the application is usable with Firefox on Linux; performance, however, seems to suffer, and the screen layout is not entirely correct.
  • Isabel: corporate internet banking solution, bound to Microsoft Windows

  • Bank Van Breda: maybe possible to bypass the browser check, but officially unsupported and actively checked, see

  • Robeco: plain ssl should work perfectly (works with FF on win)

  • KBC: the KBC Online local client (not the web-interface!). Can't get it installed in Ubuntu, but there is a version for the 2.4 linux kernel. KBC does not offer support for linux.

  • KBC: the KBC Online local client definitely does work on Ubuntu. I've been using it for a while. As stupid as it seems, you have to copy a windows installation and run it under wine. They use an undocumented java hack that only works under the windows jdk (and is fixed in later versions, that's why they don't upgrade the jdk). Anyway, the online local application is being phased out. So it's not very important.

Unknown if working / testing needed


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