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BlackBerry offers scarce Linux support for BlackBerry devices.

These are workarounds to help adapt your BlackBerry to Ubuntu:

Syncing files with Ubuntu through Barry


These steps can help you fully sync with BlackBerry using Barry.

First, install the Martin Owens package in your software source (Instructions can be found here There are other untrusted packages that can be found here)

Next, go to the synaptics package manager and install:

  • barrybackup-gui
  • opensync-plugin-barry
  • barry-util

Verify that libopensync0 is installed on your system.

This should automatically add all dependencies needed. Select apply, and the program should download and install everything.

Afterwards, plug your BlackBerry into the USB port. These packages don't put any entries in the GNOME menu system, but you can run "barrybackup" which will let you backup all data (and restore, if you wish).

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