This page will discribe how to set-up your printer to work with Bluetooth in Ubuntu.

Finding Your Bluetooth printer's address and connecting to it

There are 2 options. One is via the shell, one via graphical user interface.

Via the terminal

1. Open a terminal from Applications>Accessories>Terminal and type in it:

hcitool scan

You should see an output like this:

 Scanning ...
        00:16:38:C2:6B:79       Canon MP600-1

If you don't see something like that than either your printer is not configured correctly or your Bluetooth adapter isn't recognized. Seek help for both problems in the Ubuntu Forums or the Ubuntu Users mailing list. If you do see the correct output than progress to the next step.

2. OK,now take the string of numbers and semicolons and put it, with a space, at the end of this string:

hidd --connect "string of numbers and semicolons" 

Yours should be without quotes.

Via the GUI

1. Click on the bluetooth-logo and connect a new device 2. Now go to bluetooth-settings and find the printer. Here you can find the address.

Setting up your bluetooth printer

1. Navigate to System>Administration>Printing.

2. Once there, click "New".

3. On the New Printer/Select Device screen, click "Other" and put in the box labeled "URI:" "bluetooth://" and the same string of letters and numbers but without the semicolons that you put on the end of "hci --connect". It should look like this:


Than click "Forward"

4.Click the make and the model of your printer from the list.

5.Click "Apply".

6.Right click on your newly made printer and click "Properties".

7.Click on "Print Test Page".

If it prints, you're done!

Actually not quite. To make your printer connect on start-up see:BluetoothSetup.


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