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This guide will help you to synchronize your contacts and calendar in Evolution with a Sony-Ericsson mobile phone over a bluetooth connection. This document was written for Ubuntu 7.10 and a Sony-Ericsson W810i but should work for other versions and models as well. Multisync is a stand-alone application to be used outside Evolution.


You need to have an established bluetooth connection between your mobile phone and your computer. Please see the help page for BluetoothSetup how to complete this. You should also have an existing working setup of Evolution before you start.


Enter the following command in a shell:

sudo aptitude install multisync libmultisync-plugin-all bluez-utils


Start multisync from Applications -> Accessories -> Multisync or

multisync &
  • Create a new synchronization pair by pressing the New button.

  • Set first plugin to IrMC Mobile Device

  • Click Options button for "IrMC Mobile Device" and Search for units

  • Select your mobile phone that should have been detected and click ok

  • Set second plugin to Ximian Evolution 2

  • Click Options button for "Ximian Evolution 2" and select which calendar, address book and task to sync and click ok

  • Click ok


If the the synchronization fails test different options for "IrMC Mobile Device"

  • Check you have correct device address entered.
  • Compare device address outputed from the command "hcitool scan"
  • Have a look at the tab "Bug workarounds".
  • Try different preset settings from the drop-down list "set default options for"
  • The settings seems to need to be saved (click ok) before altering settings in adjacent tabs sometimes.


Play around with the settings to suit your needs, e.g. how often to sync etc.

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