A Boot-Info is a diagnosis report that helps detecting anomalies in your system or boot parameters. It is a kind of "instant picture of your system", it is not a backup.

On the Ubuntu forums, you will often be asked to indicate your Boot-Info, in order to help people understand your problem.

Two methods are recommended to easily create this report:

  • from an Ubuntu disc (requires an Ubuntu disc and an internet connection)
  • or via a Boot-Repair-Disk (this is the most convenient way if you often create Boot-Info reports, or if the PC to diagnose does not have internet connection)

Standard method: from an Ubuntu disc

  • - Boot your computer on an Ubuntu DVD or live-USB, then choose "Try Ubuntu". Once in the Ubuntu session, connect internet, open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and type the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install -y boot-info && boot-info
  • - click on the Online report button:

  • - write on a paper the URL (e.g., that appears, then indicate this URL to people who help you by email or forum.

Alternative method: via Boot-Repair-Disk

  • - Boot your computer on a live-USB of the latest version of Boot-Repair-Disk, - Click on the Create a Boot Info summary button:

  • - write on a paper the URL (e.g., that appears, then indicate this URL to people who help you by email or forum.


- the Boot-Info is an instant "picture" of your main system parameters. It does not change the boot nor the system files of the computer. You can redo this procedure any times you want.

- if internet was not connected during the procedure, the tool will not indicate an URL, but will display the Boot-Info report in a text viewer (this is less convenient than the URL, as you will have to copy-paste the content of this file on the forums). If you can, connect internet then redo the procedure in order to get an URL.

- if you forgot to note the URL, redo the procedure.

- once you indicated the URL to someone, people will only have to open this URL in their web browser to see the content of the report.

- this report is more detailed than the one you can obtain via Boot-Info-Script.

- at the bottom of the Boot-Info is indicated the type of repair which would be performed if you click on the Recommended Repair button of the Boot-Repair utility, eg:

This setting would reinstall the grub2 of sda2 into the MBR of sda.

- if you click on the Recommended Repair button, Boot-Repair will perform these repair operations, then display a full Boot-Info containing also the log of the repair (which allow to detect some problems that would not be seen via a standard Boot-Info, eg a Flexnet error).

- do NOT change the Advanced Options of Boot-Repair if you have not be invited to.

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