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This is the procedure I used to install Gutsy to an external portable USB Hard drive as a second OS for a Dell Inspiron 9400. The actual drive I use is a Disk Go edge. model # HD-D1-U2 but I am pretty sure this would work for most external USB hard drives. The Ubuntu Live CD was created from an ISO image ubuntu-7.1.0-desktop-i386.iso from http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download

1. I Entered the BIOS of the laptop and set the first boot device to be the CD ROM ,the second boot device to be an external USB device and the third to be the internal hard drive.

2. I shut down the laptop and physically removed the laptops internal hard drive as I did not want to accidentally overwrite anything on that drive.

3. I connected the USB drive to one of the USB ports

4. I then inserted the Ubuntu Live disk for Gutsy into the CD ROM and booted the computer to the default user desktop.

5. I then ran the installer from the desktop selecting to use the whole disk for the installation.

6. I then powered down the laptop and put the internal hard drive back in place.

Now whenever I want to use Ubuntu I just plug in the USB hard drive and boot the laptop, if I want to use XP I just boot the laptop without the USB drive.


USB external hard disk that works with Ubuntu:


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