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This page contains a step-by-step guide for creating your own Edubuntu LiveDVD. The whole process was undertaken using Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition, Ubuntu 8.10 Education CD and Remastersys, though it may work with other versions as well.

Preparing the System

Installing Ubuntu

First thing we need is a working Ubuntu system. For help on installing the current stable release of Ubuntu, please refer Installation guide.

Getting and Installing Edubuntu

There are two alternative ways to get Edubuntu desktop on your system (first alternative was used during this process).

Alternate One - From CD

Download the Ubuntu Education CD 8.10 (the add-on cd) available from the mirros listed on

Burn the downloaded .iso file on a blank CD. Help on burning iso image file can be found at BurningIsoHowto

While you are logged in to Ubuntu, insert the CD into your CD drive. A dialog box will pop out asking you to either "Start package manager" or "Start addon installer". Click on "Start addon installer"

A window named "Add/Remove Applications" should open showing a list of applications. Check the box alongside Edubuntu Desktop and then click "Apply Changes" button on the bottom right corner of the window.

It will install all the required programs from the CD and other necessary additional software packages from the internet. Once all the packages are installed, it will ask you to restart the computer to log in to your brand new, just installed Edubuntu Desktop system!

Alternate Two - From Repository

While you are logged in to Ubuntu, click on System --> Administration --> Synaptic Package Manager.Type your password when prompted.

In the 'Quick Search' field (located in tool bar) type 'edubuntu-desktop'. Right click on the item named 'edubuntu-desktop' in the list and click 'Mark for Installation'. It will prompt to confirm installation of additional packages. Click on 'Mark'. Click 'Apply' button on tool bar and then click on 'OK' button on the message that pops up.

This will install the Edubuntu Desktop from the repositories.

Installing Remastersys

To install Remastersys, you first need to add its repository to sources.list file.

The "Apt Line" for the repository is available at

Help on adding repositories can be found at

Now start Synaptic Package Manager and install the package named 'remastersys' using the same process as explained above for installing 'edubuntu-desktop' under Alternate Two

Once installed, two items will be added to System --> Administration Menu (Remastersys Backup and Remastersys Grub Restore)

Creating ISO Image and Burning Edubuntu LiveDVD

Now its time to create the .iso image of the Edubuntu LiveDVD

Run Remastersys Backup, provide password when prompted. It will ask to close all other windows before proceeding. Then click OK. A list of all actions will be displayed. Double click on 'Dist' option.

After a display of few messages and progress bar, the process will be complete. The .iso file can now be found at /home/remastersys/remastersys. You can now try the .iso file on a virtual machine or write the .iso file to distribute to your friends.


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