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About C Shell

C Shell is a UNIX shell similar to other shells such as bash that was developed by Bill Joy for the BSD operating system. Its syntax is modeled after the C programming language. For more information on the C Shell, you can visit its Wikipedia article at http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C_shell and its homepage at http://www.eng.hawaii.edu/Tutor/csh.html.

Installing C Shell

The C Shell is currently available in the Universe repository. Please see the Repositories page for information on how to add repositories in Ubuntu.

Once the Universe repository has been enabled, you can proceed to install the csh package using your favorite package manager interface. For information on installing software in Ubuntu, see the Installing Software page.

Using C Shell

The C shell can be invoked from the command line by typing this command in a terminal:


The shell prompt will change to a percent sign, which indicates the C shell is ready for input.

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