DMG2IMG is an Apple's compressed dmg to standard (hfsplus) image disk file convert tool. It is derived from dmg2iso v0.2c by vu1tur.

It will allow you to convert a DMG file into an IMG file that can be mounted as described in ManageDiscImages.


Installation Instructions

The tool is in the Universe repository for Lucid:

 sudo apt-get install dmg2img 

Install from .deb on Karmic

The Lucid package works fine with Karmic. Download and install it from here:

Install from PPA

There is also a PPA at

Install from source

The following assumes the latest version is 1.6.2, so check if a more recent version is available here first. To download, compile and install, open an terminal and type:

wget -O dmg2img-1.6.2.tar.gz
tar -xvf dmg2img-1.6.2.tar.gz
sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev libssl-dev libbz2-dev
cd dmg2img-1.6.2
sudo make install

You can now remove the installation files if you want to tidy up:

rm dmg2img-1.6.2.tar.gz
rm -R dmg2img-1.6.2

Getting Started With DMG2IMG

You can now convert .dmg files to .img by typing:

dmg2img filename.dmg

This will create a file called filename.img

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