Danbooru is a powerful image board system which uses tagging extensively.

It is built on RubyOnRails.

This HOWTO explains how to install it on Ubuntu and other Debian-like distros; it has been tested with Ubuntu 6.06 and Ubuntu Feisty.


Install this and more. There used to be a more complete list on the wiki, most of which I had already installed. Additions are welcome.

Note: Ensure that you have the Universe repository enabled in your /etc/sources.list. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AddingRepositoriesHowto.

sudo apt-get install rails postgresql-8.1 postgresql-8.1-plruby rubygems libgd2-xpm-dev
sudo gem install diff-lcs acts_as_versioned

Get the source

svn co svn://donmai.us/danbooru/trunk danbooru
cd danbooru

Tell it where rails is installed system-wide

ln -sf /usr/share/rails vendor/

Rebuild the image resizer binary.

rm -f lib/resizer/resizer
make -C lib/resizer resizer

Set up the database

Create a self-contained postgresql runtime

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/lib/postgresql/8.1/bin
export LOCAL_DB=$PWD/var-db
export PGDATA=$LOCAL_DB/data
pg_ctl -w -l $LOCAL_DB/server.log start -o "-c listen_addresses= -c unix_socket_directory=$LOCAL_DB"
for i in dev test prod; do createdb danbooru-$i; done
createuser -sDR danbooru-dbuser

Load a schema into the DB - I had some errors, but it still worked.

For a real life example, use the schema recently published on http://mapored.net/dump.db.bz2

psql danbooru-dev danbooru-dbuser -f db/postgres.sql 

Optionally, play around with your new database

psql danbooru-dev danbooru-dbuser

Stop the database

LOCAL_DB=~+/var-db eval 'PGDATA=$LOCAL_DB/data /usr/lib/postgresql/8.1/bin/pg_ctl -w stop'

Write a DB config file for RubyOnRails

cat <<EOF > config/database.yml
common: &common
  adapter: postgresql
  host: $PGHOST
  username: danbooru-dbuser

  database: danbooru-dev
  <<: *common

  database: danbooru-test
  <<: *common

  database: danbooru-prod
  <<: *common

Setup the website, and test it

Edit the website settings

You will probably change the e-mail address and the server address, where image and previews are found.

cp config/config_local.yml{.example,}
sensible-editor config/config_local.yml

Run a few tests. Don't run just «rake» right now, you won't get meaningful error messages. First test with a specific target like test:functionals

rake test:functionals 

Start a server

Start a database

LOCAL_DB=~+/var-db eval 'PGHOST=$LOCAL_DB PGDATA=$LOCAL_DB/data /usr/lib/postgresql/8.1/bin/pg_ctl -w -l $LOCAL_DB/server.log start -o "-c listen_addresses= -c unix_socket_directory=$LOCAL_DB"'

Start a local web server until you type Ctrl-C

ruby script/server

Visit it, create the first user (who automagically becomes admin)

sensible-browser http://localhost:3000

Enjoy your danbooru!

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