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Usb-cable Connection

  • Connect a Digital Camera to the computer via a Usb-cable and switch the camera on.
  • Ubuntu detects a camera has been connected and starts the default application to deal with the camera and pictures stored on it.
  • The first time you connect a camera, a menu appears offering a choice of which application to start by default when a camera is connected.
  • If the application cannot access the camera, check the Nautilus File manager. If the Camera is shown mounted (grey upwards arrow next to it) click on the arrow to unmount it. This leaves it free to be accessed by other applications.

Changing the Default Application

  • Later the choice of default application can be changed using the following method: In the Nautilus File Browser go to the menu "Edit - Preferences" and choose the last Tab "Media". Make sure the Option "Never prompt or start programs on media insertion" is OFF. And by "Photos" set "Ask me what to do" or choose another application.

Access to Pictures and Videos

  • It is also possible to have direct access to the pictures and videos stored on the camera, using the File Manager instead of a Photo Program.
  • When the camera is connected it will appear with a name like "Camera" in the file manager in the left panel when the 'Places' view is active.


  • If the camera entry it does not appear in the file manager <incomplete>

  • Note that only one application can access the contents of the camera at any one time.
  • Close any application that may be accessing the camera to be sure the file manager has access to it.

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