This article is focused on providing support for those who use a device that requires the DisplayLink driver.

Installing the DisplayLink driver

These instructions were tested on a StarTech device (Product ID: USB3SDOCKDD).

  • Check DisplayLink's website to ensure your environment meets the minimum requirements.

  • Ensure the USB cord is disconnected.
  • Download the DisplayLink driver from DisplayLink's website.

  • Extract the files.
  • Confirm the file is executable.
  • Open a a terminal and change directory to the extracted files.
  • Execute:

sudo ./

It will note:

sudo ./
Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing DisplayLink Linux Driver 1.3.52  100%  
DisplayLink Linux Software 1.3.52 install script called: install
Distribution discovered: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS
Configuring EVDI DKMS module
Registering EVDI kernel module with DKMS
Building EVDI kernel module with DKMS
Installing EVDI kernel module to kernel tree
EVDI kernel module built successfully
Installing x64-ubuntu-1604/DisplayLinkManager
Installing libraries
Installing firmware packages
Installing license file
Adding udev rule for DisplayLink DL-3xxx/5xxx devices

Once finished, one may confirm the install was successful:

sudo displaylink-installer
DisplayLink Linux Software 1.3.52 install script called: 
Distribution discovered: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS

If the install was successful, then plug the device in.

Reporting bugs when using the latest DisplayLink driver

1. After reproducing the issue with the the latest DisplayLink driver, report the issue to DisplayLink first by making a new post (not attaching logs to an existing post) following following their instructions here.

2. Next, one may file a report on Launchpad against the relevant package. In your Launchpad report, please advise to the following:

2a) The URL from the DisplayLink website you created reporting this issue.

2b) Post the result of the following terminal command:

sudo displaylink-installer

2c) What is the full manufacturer and model of your device (ex. StarTech USB3SDOCKDD)? Please note DisplayLink is not the manufacturer or model.

2d) What is the full manufacturer and model of your monitor(s)?

2e) How is your device connected to the monitor(s)? For example, one external monitor connects via HDMI.

2f) If the version of the driver advertised by the device manufacturer is older than that from DisplayLink's website, please advise to the results of testing both the device manufacturer's version, and the latest driver version from DisplayLink.

2g) To rule out a regression in the DisplayLink driver, advise on what happens when testing the earliest version of the driver compatible with your Ubuntu release.

2h) Post a picture of the issue via a camera, screenshot, or screencast.

Please keep in mind while the DisplayLink driver is not provided by Ubuntu, filing a report on Launchpad makes sense in case the root cause is determined to be with a package in a supported Ubuntu repository.

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