Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1950 Model 1192

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Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1950. Analog TV, composite, s-video

  1. Install the latest version of mythbuntu 9.04 or more updates.
  2. Remove and install the firmware files for HVR-1950:

Download in your / Desktop

    1. wget-c

    2. Insert the original CD that comes your HVR-1950 (which contains the Window $ drivers) which is located located at / media/cdrom0]
    3. cd / Desktop
    4. chmod u + x
    1. . / / media/cdrom0/Drivers /
      • Note: here you can download the last few versions of the drivers on your card, decomprimirlo in a directory, and apply the command number 6, just change the path where the drivers after decompressed directory, this works very well if you have supplies drivers for your card. The latest version of the drivers can be downloaded from the site office of Hauppauge,

Before proceeding to number 7 command, execute a ls / dev, noticing Video0 device does not yet exist.

    1. sudo cp *. fw / lib / firmware

After running this command to reset the kernel is assumed as part of the operating system, after restart, go back and run the command ls / dev, and now notice that if there is Video0 osea device / dev/video0, with which may work and put into operation on equiop television.

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