This pages lists frequently ask question about Ubuntu Server Edition on Amazon Web Services and tries to answer them.


What does EC2, AMI, AKI and ARI stand for?

  • EC2: Elastic Compute Cloud, the Xen based virtual data center Amazon Web Services offers

  • AMI: Amazon Machine Image, the Xen DomU guest virtual machine.

  • AKI: Amazon Kernel Image, the Xen guest paravirtualized kernel used by an AMI.

  • ARI: Amazon Ramdisk Image, the Xen guest paravirtualized ramdisk used by an AMI.

How can I use the Ubuntu Cloud Guest on EC2 Images? Are there minimum requirements for it?

To use our images, just follow the instructions on EC2StartersGuide. There is no minimum requirements for it. Amazon EC2 is however not the simplest of environments and requires some reading in order to master it, so be prepared to it...

How much does it cost to run Ubuntu Cloud Guest on EC2?

There is no fee charged by us for you to run Ubuntu on EC2. EC2 does however charge instances according to their pricing, which is totally independent of us.

Canonical offers support for Ubuntu Cloud Guest, please visit for more information.

What was used to build the EC2 images and can I use it to build my own images?

Ubuntu's vmbuilder was used to build it, together with its ec2 plug in. To use it, install the python-vm-builder-ec2 package. The process is detailed on the Ubuntu wiki.

How do I terminate an instance which I cannot connect to?

The command ec2kill <instance> will do just that.

How am I informed of a new AMI availability

We'll provide the information on the mailing list when we upload a new AMI. You can also check the the ami locator.

Where do I report a bug I am encountering

If you think that your bug is specific to the Ubuntu Cloud Guest images we provide, please report it in the launchpad project, otherwise report it as a regular Ubuntu bug. Feel free to submit your problem to the mailing list if you are unsure.

Is there an IRC chan about Ubuntu Cloud Guest

Yes, simply join #ubuntu-server on Freenode. There is also ##aws on Freenode ( for general, non-ubuntu specific, Amazon Web Services chat and help.

I have a question that is not answered here

If you also have the answer to it, feel free to add it here ;). Otherwise, please ask your question on the mailing list, or ask a question on the launchpad project.

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