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The following high-level instructions allow you to PXE boot and install Edubuntu just as if you had a CD in the drive.

  1. Install an NFS server and a TFTP server on a system on your network.
  2. Download the ISO you want to boot over your network.
  3. Mount the ISO and copy all the files to the NFS server, and export the directory.
  4. Copy the contents of install/netboot from the CD into the tftpboot directory on your TFTP server.
  5. Copy vmlinuz and initrd.gz from the CD (you may have to search for them, they're usually in /install or /casper) into the tftpboot directory; rename them to be something unique if you will have more than one version in the directory.
  6. Edit pxelinux.cfg/default to point one of the LABEL entries to your kernel and initrd, with the following options to tell casper to mount / via NFS -- your entry should look a lot like these three lines:
    LABEL edubuntu
    kernel vmlinuz-edubuntu-iso
    append vga=normal initrd=initrd-edubuntu-iso boot=casper netboot=nfs nfsroot= --
    • nfsroot points to your NFS server and the path to the directory where you copied all the contents of the CD.

  7. Set the following options in dhcpd.conf on your DHCP server:
    next-server; # this is your TFTP server
    filename "pxelinux.0"; # put this in verbatim

man casper for more information about casper, which is what makes this so easy.

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